The House in Pau lyrics - Aspects of Love

The House in Pau lyrics

The House in Pau

Wish my arms were longer...
Or the gap was wider...
One more go and
That should do it...
One more try and there --
That does it!

You will rue the day
That you got me in this mess!
I've torn my one good dress!
You're really a charmer!

Rose, I know this seems
Like a scene from "Modern Times"...

The house is my uncle's --
All right, I was lying --
He's working in Paris,
He won't come here prying...
Oh Rose,
Rose, can't you see?
I would have said anything
To get you here with me...

Shall I make some coffee...?

One cup of fresh coffee
Buys two kisses --
Shall we have dinner?

Whatever happens,
We have this moment.
Who needs tomorrow,
When we have today?
Tonight we'll mean
The things we say

Seeing is believing!
My life is just beginning!
We touched,
And my head
Won't stop spinning
From winning
Your love!
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