The Garden at Pau lyrics - Aspects of Love

The Garden at Pau lyrics

The Garden at Pau

Say the word!
Say it now!
Nice and loud!

ALEX (defeated)
What the hell, then --

Jenny you're a monster!
You ought to be locked up!

JENNY (going into the house)
Before I am,
I think I'll dress for dinner --
You mix the drinks...

ALEX (looking after JENNY)
She needs a Paris education.
I've told you time and time again.

And wouldn't that be cozy?
You could then have your very own Parisienne!

Alex, how can you even think
Of moving her away from this place?
I mean, Alex, you of all people have found
That leaving here is hard to face.

Yes, I love it here and always will...
But Rose, it's not the views
Or the vines that keep me here...
I stay year after year
For something far deeper...
Being in this house
Makes the past seem very near...

...When the world was a playground
All train-rides and laughter,
And love in the morning...

...And armagnac after...

Since leaving the army
And being around you,
I know I'm reliving
The night that I found you...

But George...
I couldn't hurt George...
Oh Alex, you know by now
How much I love him...

So what is it
You feel for Hugo?

Please understand I'm not in love with him.
He's a friend, he makes me laugh...
That's all it is.
Alex, can't you see
That you mean much more to me?

Alex, that's why I won't
Play the lover with you.
What I did to you once
Wasn't easy to do --
But I only have one life,
Not two...
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