Aspects of Love review

Aspects of Love Review - Broadway musical

Despite the fact that the creator of music and brilliant man by the name of Andrew Lloyd Webber has many fans of his work, this particular musical was not so much loved by them. Yes, it has been resurrected many times and seen during the on-site demonstrations more countries than the 80% of globe’s people see in their lives, but almost all of it – including re-plays – were in the United Kingdom.

The plot is fairly simple – the story through the prism of the life of the four main people for prospect of 17 years. This is about how people meet, get together and fall apart, how their children born, and how these children get in love with those whom you loved 14 years ago. It is also about how former spouses can come together and now your ex and your ex-husband's got familiar and very much attracted to each other.

Criticism was not as breaking wave on this Broadway show – they just spat it a few times and the show was decided to be closed after 399 performances – 377 plays and 22 rehearsals.

Positive sides of this play:
• great voices that sing marvelously every time;
• beautiful costumes and the choreography is not bad;
• the plot is not too confusing and even artless to be understood to all the spectators.

Negative qualities include:
• that was a plus, it can now serve as a minus – too simple, clear and obvious plot – there is almost nothing happens, except that the characters are constantly fall in love with each other;
• negative perception of the audience of the fact that one of the actors – is from 12 to 16 years old at different times of the play – that is, a minor – and she is being in love with a man who is 17 years older than her. Incidentally, this is the main story line of all the second act and it has whole bunch of hints on such little inadequate and unhealthy relations. There is also experience (depending from type of the show – thin or fat) of one-gender relations between two girls.

Despite the fact that the USA is a country of open morals, Broadway is visited by mainly those who have high morals, and they definitely cannot accept that frivolity, which made the foundation of this play.

Many critics did not like the musical accompaniment – said that it is crumpled and in general, if the maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber would listen to it, he would never praised this version.

The creators could not manage accurately enough to do with the issues of relations between genders, especially in a situation of two generations that is depicted on the stage. You cannot criticize the play, because it is not bad. But it is impossible to praise also, because it is not good. Something averagely discouraging – rather, this can be said in support of the words of critics. It's about love, but love is not displayed precisely. It's about relationships, but the motivation of the main characters remained vague and not conveyed to the audience.
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