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George's House at Pau lyrics

George's House at Pau

I think by now I'm old enough
To put myself to bed.
Why don't you go and forge
Another masterpiece instead?

Oh, Jenny, you're a monster!
I should have had a son!
It seems, alas, a father's lot...

BOTH (she chiming in, as it is a line she has heard often before)
...Is not a happy one!

You know I need my donkey.

Why can't you just count sheep?

All right, you have your donkey --
Now will you go to sleep?

I'm really thrilled for Mummy!
Weren't they wonderful reviews?
She'll be the toast of Paris!
Mummy's always in the news!

You're right, it is amazing
How the work keeps flooding in,
With appearances in London
And movies in Berlin.

Now off you go to bed --
I'll wake you when I hear the car!

Look, Jenny, go to bed --
God, what a chatterbox you are!

You're a miracle!
Is there nothing you conceal?
You astonish me!
Never hiding
What you feel...
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