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Wait My Turn (reprise) lyrics

Wait My Turn (reprise)

How many more thrown in nameless graves?
How many more falsely charged with crime?
How many more whipped and shot like slaves?
How many more murdered in their prime?
How many more pamphlets must I write?

How many more threats must I withstand?
How many more lynchings must I cite?
How many more times must I demand?
How many more years off of my life?
How many, till I'm a grieving wife?
How long, till it's too late?

Will you wait? Will you wait?
Don't be foolish. Good night, Professor.
I won't wait another day.
I won't wait. I won't wait. I won't wait my turn.
But decades of defiance take their toll.
Sure, I'm always speaking true to power.

But I do not feel alone.
Each time I'm told to wait my turn, it's like my every nerve has been exposed.
Why can't I be more like Mary and keep myself composed?
Have I been too prone to wait my turn? Have I been too polite?

God, I wish I had her courage. How does she burn so bright?
Am I risking far too much? Could this be my last sojourn?
Will we ever win this fight? Will the country ever learn?
Will I ever live to see it?

Or will I survive in time to take my turn?
Or will I survive in time to take my turn?
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