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Let Mother Vote (reprise) lyrics

Let Mother Vote (reprise)

Thank you to the Speaker of the House for giving me the floor to address all of you today.

As I have always, always said, we ought to let mother vote.
She raised us after all.
Won't we thank the ladies we have loved since we were small?
It won't disrupt our lives.
They'll still be loyal wives.
So Congress, won't you please let mother vote?

But let it be known that the voices of foolish agitators in the streets did not reach me at all.
It was rather the voices of the patriotic ladies whose service lies at the heart of the war.
And I know how much stronger their heart will beat if you give them this thing.

You vote like father, vote like son, and two good votes are better than one.
So Congress, won't you please let mother vote?
Last Update: June, 10th 2024

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