Suffs cast

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act I
  2. Let Mother Vote 
  3. Finish the Fight 
  4. Find A Way 
  5. Wait My Turn 
  6. Terrell’s Theme 
  7. The March (We Demand Equality) 
  8. Great American Bitch 
  9. Ladies 
  10. Worth It 
  11. If We Were Married 
  12. The Convention Part 1 
  13. This Girl 
  14. The Convention Part 2 
  15. Alva Belmont 
  16. Show Them Who You Are 
  17. The Campaign 
  18. How Long?
  19. Act II
  20. The Young Are At The Gates 
  21. Respectfully Yours, Dudley Malone 
  22. Hold It Together 
  23. Wait My Turn (reprise) 
  24. The Report 
  25. Show Them Who You Are (reprise) 
  26. Insane 
  27. Fire & Tea 
  28. Let Mother Vote (reprise) 
  29. She and I 
  30. A Letter From Harry’s Mother 
  31. I Was Here 
  32. If We Were Married (reprise) 
  33. Lucy’s Song 
  34. Finish the Fight (reprise) 
  35. Keep Marching

Suffs cast

Suffs Cast - Broadway musical

Music, Lyrics and Book by Shaina Taub

Shaina Taub as Alice Paul
Jenn Colella as Carrie Catt
Nikki M. James as Ida B. Wells
Jenna Bainbridge as Harry T. Burn
Ally Bonino as Lucy Burns
Tsilala Brock as Dudley Field Malone
Hannah Cruz as Inez Milholland
Kim Blanck as Ruza Wenclawska
Nadia Dandashi as Doris Stevens
Emily Skinner as Alva Belmont / Phoebe Burn
Anasta?ia McClesky as Mary Church Terrell
Jaygee Macapugay as Mollie Hay
Grace McLean as Woodrow Wilson
Laila Erica Drew as Phyllis Terrell
Ada Westfall as Mrs. Herndon

Last Update:May, 06th 2024

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