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Great American Bitch lyrics

Great American Bitch

It's just that at the march, this old man called me a bitch.
Oh, Dory.
Congratulations, your first vehicle!
But isn't bitch a bad thing?
That's what they want you to think.
I'm a great American bitch.

I refuse to wear corsets and lace.
I earn my own wages and burst into rages when men say, "Know, your place."
My boss tried to fondle me under my skirt, so I kicked him like this in the crotch, where it hurt.
I got fired.

But hey, I'd rather be right than rich, cause I'm a great American bitch.
She's a, she's a great American bitch.
I'm a, I'm a great American bitch.
I'm a great American bitch.
A queen bitch, I seduce whoever I please.

I fornicate freely, and some say I really bring gentlemen to their knees.
I proposed to a Dutchman, we're wedded in bliss, cause he doesn't mind who else I might kiss, though most of the time I prefer to scratch my own itch.
Cause I'm a great American bitch.
She's a, she's a great American bitch.
She's a, she's a great American bitch.

Alice, Alice, when are you gonna let me set you up with one of Eugene's friends?
Oh please, they wouldn't be interested.
You mean you wouldn't be interested.
Lucy, your turn.
Hey! I'm a great American, I'm sorry, honestly, I just don't love that word.
Come on, we'll do it together, get up.
You're a great American bitch.

Well, thanks.
I've known it since sophomore year.
Not this story.
When Professor McMaller said, only male scholars could manage a Doctor's career.
He drove this expensive new Ford Model T, so I scratched it all over with my bedroom key.
But Lucy went further.
I may have pushed his car into a ditch.

Cause I'm a great...
If they called you an act...
I'm a great American bitch.
Yes you are.
Once I cut my own hair.
One time I took out a library book and never returned it.
I swear.
Young lady, your childhood hath only begun.
We'll train you, ordain you, thank God, but run!
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