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Wait My Turn lyrics

Wait My Turn

Wait my turn, when will you white women ever learn?
I had the same old talk with Carrie Chapnickat 20 years ago.
I thought you might be better, but you still don't know.
You want me to wait my turn, to simply put my sex before my race.
Oh, why don't I leave my skin at home and powder up my face?

Guess who always waits her turn, who always ends up in the back?
Us lucky ones born both female and black.
Wait my turn, while I sure don't see you waiting yours.
There is no you're preaching, we demand it now, while knocking down locked doors.
But you want me to wait my turn, so you don't defend your southern base.
Since when does a radical lover fit bigots in the first place?

That's not leadership, Alice, it's cowardice.
I hear you quote Frederick Douglass on your soapbox,
Intending to include and impress us.
But in the press, you play down our involvement,
And here behind closed doors, you attempt to suppress us.
Deeds lock words as the button on your jacket.
I'm so sick of rhetoric with no action to back it.
If you don't have the spine to stand with us now, what will it take?

You do have a choice, there's always a choice.
Which one will you make?
Don't you dare tell me to wait my turn.
In truth, it's not your call.
Either I march with my own state delegates, or I don't march at all.
I'm not here to suit their gift, that is none of my concern.
I won't beg for your approval, which I shouldn't have to add.
So no matter what you tell me, I will not wait one more minute for my turn.
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