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Hold It Together lyrics

Hold It Together

In nays, this is my prison mess hall.
You will sit down, shut up, and eat your food.
For nature, we are political prisoners and we refuse.
If one of these girls has another damn word, knock her teeth out.
Now, eat your food.
Don't touch the food.
When will we eat?
Not till they release us.
Quiet, eat your food.

Hunger strike.
Guards, shut them up.
You won't last the night.
Hold it together, see it through.
Don't let despair get the best of you.
Push down the pain, thicken your skin.
Hold it together, never giving in.

God bless our grateful public.
God bless our grand old flag.
God bless the land of freedom we hold dear.
Let mother serve.
We're here to help the war.
We'll conserve our food to feed our soldiers even more.
'Cause the kitchen is the key to US victory.
So Mr. won't you please let mother serve.
We'll now take a recess for tea.

Are you alright?
I just need air, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Perhaps the problem's with your spine.
Molly, would you stop it?
If we fall in line about the war, you'll see.
We'll get the president to finally hear our case.
So please drop it.
But the Carrie I know would never condone this carnage.
If you don't like it, go join Alice Paul in jail.
Is this about bending Alice Paul or winning the vote?
Which do you care about more?

What a coward you become.
Fight your own war.
Don't let your age get the best of you.
Push down the pain, thicken your skin.
Hold it together, never givin'.
Ruzia, no! Stay strong for Inez!

Get her name out of your mouth!
Was killing her not enough for you?
How dare you say that to her!
Her manner is Inez kept fighting, even though she was tired and sick.
So we owe it to her to do the same.
Alice, it's been a week, I'm losing my mind!

Don't worry, Wilson will be shamed into a pardon as soon as word gets out.
He's letting women die of starvation.
Oh, how comforting.
Drum the moment Vivi met.
You promised me we would burn him down.
We will!

But it is five years later!
He is still in power!
Our friend is dead and now we are dying in prison!
She's not talking anymore!
She's not talking anymore!
Why are you fighting me?
I am not the enemy!

That's enough!
Start! Take him away!
Zepia, stay put. Your husband is here.
Husband? Good God!
What have they done to you, Miss Stevens? I mean, Mrs. Malone!
Hello, darling. I am here on behalf of the Chief of Police.
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