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Lucy’s Song lyrics

Lucy’s Song

Do you remember that rally back in college when we met?
I never told you this 'cause I know you'll be upset,
but it was actually by accident that I was even there.

I happened to be headed to the grocery store across the square
When you made me stop to hold your banner while you yelled at that cop.
Then before I could protest, we were under arrest.
Remember how he only had one pair of cuffs,
so he cuffed us together like I was one of the suffs?
And ever since, I've been here by your side
'cause I just really love being along for the ride.

But I've done my time. I fought my last war.
I'm not marching anymore.
Please don't try to change my mind
'cause I'm sure I'm not marching anymore.

For the last ten years, we've marched and we've thrived.
We've planned and we've screamed. We've starved and survived.
We beat every odd and my God, look at all that we've won.
But I'm tired and sore. I've settled my score. I'm not marching anymore.

Let the next girl have her world changed forever on her way to the store.
I'm not marching anymore.

But I hope you know, even though we haven't, even though you didn't,
Even when you drove me to my wits end, the best thing I've ever been is your friend.
Sorry if you never knew that before. Alice, I'm not marching anymore.

But I'll never be far from you.
You'll find a way, you always do.
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