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The Report lyrics

The Report

Mr. President,
I have the report on the conditions in the prison just as you requested.
This ought to debunk all the baseless claims that the women are being mistreated.

Good, I trust I won't be disappointed.

No sir.

Oh God!

What is it?

We are providing the ladies with excellent care.
A doctor came and dragged me out of my bed.
Their treatment includes artificial feeding.
He smiled and said that I must be fed.
The ladies receive it without resistance.
I turned and twisted all I could,
But they threw me on my back and strapped in my arms and legs.

There is no force necessary.
They try to pry my mouth open with pliers
And I try to clench my teeth shut,
But they shove the tube down my throat and up my nose.

The ladies are offered fresh milk and eggs.
They pour raw eggs through the tube to my gut.
They experience no discomfort.
Everything went black.
I didn't know where to breathe from.
The ladies are the picture of health.
They withdrew the tube and I bled out my nose, out my mouth, so much blood.
Then they leave me there, very sick,
Choking and gagging all night long.

The ladies are nourished by three meals a day.
We are forcibly fed three times a day.
I must say they take this well.
Don't let them tell you we take this well.
Don't let them tell you we take this well.

In conclusion, the ladies are well taken care of
And all rumors in the press of physical abuse are entirely false.

But sir, the problem remains of what to do about their leader Alice Paul.
They took Alice away,
Will not tell us where,
Have not seen her in days.
Terribly worried.

Someone ought to commit her to an asylum.
She does exhibit symptoms of hysteria
Such as verbal displays of opinions in public,
A failure to marry and conceive.
Ladies must be protected.

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