August 26th, 1920 lyrics - Suffs

August 26th, 1920 lyrics

August 26th, 1920

I want to raise up a glass,
I want to bask in the light
Now our generation makes things right
Just think how much more we could do
We can finally finish the fight


Let's demand an amendment, let's demand a brand new amendment
Why stop at suffrage?
Why not push for complete legal equality?
We could call it something like the Equal Rights Amendment
Oh, the ERA for short, that will fit better on banners

Doris, will you write this down?

For seven years I have served you with the most humble affection
An unshadowed devotion
And I kept a record as you said
Now I want to write my book about us

How can you write a book when there's still work to do?

So girls will grow up learning what we did

So they can learn how hard it was and never try again

So they can learn how hard it was and know it can be done

Doris, let the record show, I'm proud of you

August 26th, Doris Stevens dedicates her forthcoming book to Alice Paul

As long as we're on the subject of next steps, I have news
I want to act on the bay
For once I want to do a thing that brings others joy
I want to represent my people on the greatest stage in America
And yes, that is what Ruzav and Slavska actually historically did after this
Look me up

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