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Ladies lyrics


Ladies, God bless the ladies,
No one adores ladies more than I.
As the father of three daughters,
As the husband to a wife,
I do not know who I'd be without the ladies in my life.
Ladies, when you're with ladies,
You can enjoy your sacred duty as a man.

In this chaotic world we're in,
Thank God some comfort can be found whenever a lady is around.
It isn't wise to weigh down women with the worries of the day.
Our female wants to focus on her family anyway,
So be kind and let her mind be fully feminine and free.

It's only fair when they're the burden of responsibility.
Ladies must be protected, they rely on us to supervise their lives.
As a leader guards his people, every man must do his share.
We must take care of our ladies.

Take care of the ladies.
It isn't moral to make mothers all on matters of the state.
Their heads weren't meant for hard and heavy national debate.
In politics, pollutes aren't ladies' lives, I'm scared to say.

We'll sacrifice virility and compromise fertility and threaten the stability of the USA.
So ladies must be commanded, they require a man to manage their affairs.
We must keep them safe at home, afar from evil, far from greed.
We must keep them in our arms where their freedoms guaranteed.

So why would ladies vote?
We provide all that they need.
We must respect and protect a final eternal gracious, vivacious ladies.
Last Update: June, 10th 2024

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