The Convention Part 1 lyrics - Suffs

The Convention Part 1 lyrics

The Convention Part 1

We stand united in sisterhood,
Working together on the same team,
Younger and older, joining as one,
Shoulder to shoulder for the same dream.

Well, well, well, look who's finally become a member of NOS.
Oh, no, I'm only in town for tomorrow's NAACP conference.
Care to give a quote for the Chicago Daily?
You can quote from my address as distinguished guest speaker.

So you've agreed to speak at your hundredth white women's convention?
Are you just here to sow dissension?
Don't you resent that you're a prop,
They trot out at events, NOS represents a rich little Negro mascot,
Come here and preach.
See, we have no race hatred,
We let Mary make a speech.

If I didn't speak, they wouldn't even mention race.
I tolerate their system,
'Cause that's the only way they'll ever listen to our case.
Oh, and their system wants you dead?
What then?
I can't have this out with you again.

Why are you fighting me?
I am not the enemy.
Ladies, a photograph please.
We stand united in sisterhood,
Working together on the same team.

Before our formal program continues,
Let's entertain a brief diversion from our junior Washington DC committee.
Vote Wilson out!
Vote Wilson out!
Vote Wilson out!
Vote Wilson out!

My fellow Sufs, that should be NOS's rallying cry this fall.
It's time to show Wilson NOS's Sufs are the vanguard of the future.
It's time to show him we're not just some gaggle of irrelevant old fogeys.
Last Update: June, 10th 2024

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