The Voluptuary / Destiny lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

The Voluptuary / Destiny lyrics

The Voluptuary / Destiny

Light of delight, when everything's alright.
The first man to hold you tight, and show love in all its might.
May no hands other than mine, ever touch your love so fine.
Dark angel of the street, hold on to me I'll show you night is sweet.
Hold on to me; let me feel how your wild wings beat.

We, though we're not the same, burn in a single flame.
I want your love; I will risk all my life for you.
Take me; take me if it is my destiny.

Come see, come see if it's your destiny.



Oh destiny, you are the master of man.
Oh destiny, you write our lives in the sand.
Oh destiny, though we do all that we can.
Oh destiny, you say if we fall or stand.
Oh destiny, you hold our lives in your hand.

Fleur-de-Lys, Frollo, Quasimodo, & Clopin:
Oh destiny.
Oh destiny.
Oh destiny.
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