Notre Dame de Paris synopsis

Notre Dame de Paris Synopsis - Broadway musical

The crowd of beggars was crawling around the cathedral of Paris, led by the leader of the Romans, Clopin. A decision was made to disperse the homeless, and suddenly the captain of the Royal Fusiliers notice among the crowd a beautiful girl-gypsy Esmeralda. A girl tells her story of hardships, and the captain, enchanted by her, decides not to arrest her.

The head of the Romans, who raised a woman, warns that not all men can be trusted. In the next scene, the audience gets acquainted with a young girl of noble birth, who is engaged to a captain. Feast of Fools has come, where the man who will be able to crouch the most horrible grimace, will be crowned by a gypsy-girl. This honor was awarded to the toller of Notre Dame, Quasimodo. But he knows that only today he can be near a girl like Esmeralda. Archdeacon orders him to kidnap the girl as violator of the order and the witch, and to bring her to him at night. Toller promises to obey. She was arrested by the royal guards. This has resulted in the captain's acquaintance with a gypsy, and they agreed to meet in the cabaret the next night.

In the court poet named Gringoire was sentenced to hanging. However, if any of the present women would agree to marry him, the sentence will not be executed. The gypsy took pity on the poor poet, and agreed to be his wife, although she secretly dreamed of being captain’s love forever. Thoughts of the captain are not pure: he wants to get marry to a young rich girl and to make a gypsy a temporary lover. The next day, the archdeacon in a conversation with the poet forbids him to touch the girl. They watched as a toller in retaliation for the abduction of girl is fettered in the wheel. Nobody pays attention to his sufferings and pleases for water, except for a girl-gypsy. She brings him water, by means of which deeply touches the punished one.

Toller leads woman to the cathedral; he says that it was a quiet refuge for him in a difficult time. If ever she will need shelter, the Cathedral will serve her as house. Now a girl is no longer afraid of this strange person with disabilities. For the first time, she calls out to God in prayer. Archdeacon secretly watching her, having simmering passion inside for a gypsy. Captain of shooters goes to the cabaret to see a gypsy girl, but he is pursued by the archdeacon. He demands that he give up the idea, and passed over, but the captain did not heed the threats. In the cabaret, archdeacon feels jealousy and attacks the captain with a knife, which the woman left on the floor, and wounds him. The cathedral bells do not ring for the third day in a row, as the toller is sad about a gypsy girl, which is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. She was put on trial for the assassination of Captain of shooters, as well as for the fact that the allegedly bewitched archdeacon. She refuses to admit guilt at first, but after being tortured, cries out the recognition. Gypsy is sentenced to be hanged, but she does not give up her love for the captain. But the man refuses her, so as not to lose the rich bride.

In the morning before the execution archdeacon comes to the girl and invites her to become his mistress, or to die on the gallows. She rejects him. At this time, the toller releases Roma and gypsy girl is among liberated ones. Escaped refuge in the cathedral, but the royal guards trying to defeat them. After one of the battles, Captain arrests, along with the leaders, a gypsy girl, ordering to hang them. The toller was unable to save the girl, but asks that the guards gave him her lifeless body. He is crying quietly over her, promising that after death they would be together.
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