Moon lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

Moon lyrics


Moon, you who shine your light.
Bright on the Paris night.
See, how a man suffers all for love.
Clear, solitary star.
So far, when the day returns.
Please hear.
Up there so high the cry of the world.
Please hear the cry, of a man in pain.
For whom all those million stars.
Don't shine like those shining eyes.
He loves with a mortal love.

Moon, please don't disappear.
Before you have time to hear.
Just hear.
How cries the heart of the human beast.
Please hear the cry, Quasimodo cries.
He cries for his heart is full.
His voice over mountains flies.
So high, that I know it flies to you.

See, how this man aspires.
To join, his poor voice with angels.

Moon, you who shine your light.
For, poets as they write.
See, how a man suffers all.
For love.
For love.
Last Update: June, 23rd 2013

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