Kidnap Attempt lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

Kidnap Attempt lyrics

Kidnap Attempt

Arrest that man, it's the hunchback of Notre dame.
Hold onto him, show that monster his time has come.
I am the captain here; I must keep all the streets secure.
For all the citizens, and for the pretty girls like you.

Please allow me to take you home, outside the city gates.
The hour is getting late, for a gypsy girl to wait.

Please understand, before you take me by the hand.
Esmeralda, does not go with just any man.

Let me call on you, tomorrow when nights at the door.
We'll make a rendezvous, at the cabaret Val d'amour.

At the cabaret Val d'amour.

At the cabaret Val d'amour.

At the cabaret Val d'amour

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