On Bright Morning You Danced lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

On Bright Morning You Danced lyrics

On Bright Morning You Danced

One bright morning you danced on the square in the sun.
I watched you, so entranced, my whole world came undone.
Now my heart ever still rules my mind and my will.
All my empty life unfilled, and now since that day.
Mirrors show no sign of my face, but Satan in my place.
Of me, there is no trace.

Oh my love he will come, light my days like the sun.
He will come take me home; my dark days will be done.
Come to close evil man, you will die by these hands.
No one can hate like I can, you will die where you stand.
Go to hell, that's what I demand.

Give me one hour with you; I'll be yours to command.
You must choose don't you see, before day dawns above.
Choose the gallows or me; choose your death or my love.
Choose the grave or my bed.

Frollo & Esmeralda:
To be living or dead.

If you nod yes with your head, your bonds will be shed.
I'll release you, and let you go.
To the ones you love so, to the devils you know.

Just go away, from here just go.
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