The Trial lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

The Trial lyrics

The Trial

Esmeralda this high court charges you,
with having wounded a soldier true.

If he is wounded he's living still,
oh let me see him one time if the court will.

You have seduced him with foul sorcery,
stabbed him to kill him it's plain to see.

It wasn't me on my soul I swear.

But you were alone with him in his bed there.

There's a priest out of hell, who followed me.
Out of the night he came, can't you see.

This girl has all these wild imaginings.
She always thinks she is seeing crazy things.

I think he looks a lot like you sir.

See how the devil looks out of her eyes.
She is a stranger, a sorceress;
she is a pig, she is a bohemienne.

Did you commit this crime, and do you now confess.

I am the victim here, I can say no more or less.
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