Notre Dame de Paris review

Notre Dame de Paris Review - Broadway musical

The reaction of the critics in the UK was duplicitous. On the one hand, music and choreography caused admiration, but the overall thrust of the show in an English translation were met with contempt. The Times praised the energy of the funeral of Quasimodo and rare creative staging touches. The Daily Mail called it as the usual musical concerto with dancing, light effects and a variety of French singers, who altogether reflected the universal sadness and disappointment. Producer of London show Michael White countered that modern critics experience hard times, because they have to equally understand well in Shakespeare, and in Harold Pinter, to evaluate any new musical work. Despite not very favorable reviews, the musical was the most successful set in the West End in 2000.

The reaction of the English-speaking audience attending the musical was mostly negative. Some expressed that the spectacular horrifies with number of records, number of plays, popular songs… Horrifying was even the fact that according to the program, all involved in the musical are famous actors of unprecedented talent, every word of whom uttered from the stage will live on forever. ‘There is no place for ambiguity, all of the pieces plunges in shock’ – one of the audience shares his impression.

History of Victor Hugo is widely known throughout the world. Perhaps it is this fact lured the author of the musical performance Luc Plamondon. The compositions seemingly have to perform a single role, combining to reinforce the narrative line. But in reality everything is not so: each song is a separate image, not echoing with others. Regarding the show, there are also some questions. Esmeralda flutters like a butterfly from the prison to the lair of the toller of the cathedral without any explanations. The music part is really the weakest point, and it sinks the whole staging to the bottom. Each song is not in any way connected with the scenes, to which it would seem to belong.

As for English variant of Will Jennings, it would be better if they were thrown all away into a swamp, as someone presumes. Some of music pieces are particularly irritating. In fact, there is too much of the music part, despite the fact that this is the essence of the histrionics. The scene with hanging of extras by the legs in the bell caused the frank laughter of the audience. And the climax with soaring to heaven of several corpses of women left very vague impressions. In general, it was evident that the team was working on the English-speaking musical, but after the presentation, someone unlikely will be singing any party from it. As for the French original, it may be considered the most fantastically tremendous and luring thing ever could be imagined. It is also known with other names, like Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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