The Sorceress lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

The Sorceress lyrics

The Sorceress

Be aware she is not one of us.
She's a bohemienne and sorceress.
She's unclean she's a creature of lust.
And she wanders obscene with a dark hair like fur.
It is a mortal sin if you watch her.
That's why we must cage her up.
Where her evil won't disrupt.
All the pure souls that come here to worship at Notre dame.

Tonight, we'll wait for her as she goes by, and we'll take her away.
We will lock her up in a tower high, and we'll teach her to pray.
Our Jesus Christ will lead her on, and mother mary holy one.

You know, anything you will ask I'll do, I'll do it all for you.
What do you want me to do, Don't you know what you want me to do.
I'll do it all for you, I'll do it all for you!
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