Notre Dame de Paris videos

Notre-Dame De Paris - "The Age of the Cathedrals"
Notre Dame de Paris - 04.- Intervention de Frollo - IntervenciĆ³n de Frollo (audio EspaƱa)
Bohemienne Song
Esmeralda You See
So Look No More For Love
The Feast Of Fools
The King Of Fools
The Sorceress
The Foundling
The Doors Of Paris
Kidnap Attempt
The Court of the Miracles
The Word Phoebus
Shining Like The Sun
Torn Apart
Water please
Belle (Is the Only Word)
Home In The Sky
Pagan Ave Maria
If You Can See Inside Of Me
Your Love Will Kill Me
The Shadow
At Val d'Amour
Video for song: "The Voluptuary / Destiny "
Talk To Me Of Florence
The Bells (opening part)
The Bells
Where Is She?
The Birds They Put in Cages
Cast Away
The Trial
The Torture
I'm a Priest
Phoebus If You Can Hear Me
To Get Back To You
My Heart If You Will Swear
Frollo's Visit To Esmeralda
On Bright Morning You Danced
Free Today
This Small Whistle I Leave You
God You Made the World All Wrong
Live for the One I Love
Attack of Notre-Dame
By Royal Law
Master And Saviour
Give Her To Me
Dance My Esmeralda
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