Phoebus If You Can Hear Me lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris

Phoebus If You Can Hear Me lyrics

Phoebus If You Can Hear Me

Phoebus, if he's alive then it's gods will.
Please tell him that I love him still.
Phoebus, if you can hear please come to me.
Tell them the truth and set me free.
Phoebus tell them so they will let me be.
Phoebus, when we went in and closed the door.
I laid my knife upon the floor.
Phoebus, the man in black I saw him there.
He came behind you from somewhere.
Phoebus, I saw my knife move through the air.
Phoebus, I hope by everything above.
Esmeralda does still have your love.
Phoebus, the girl who danced once on the square.
Who gave her life to you out there.
Phoebus, each night in my dreams you appear.
Please come and take me far from here.
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