What's Your Rush? lyrics - Bounce

What's Your Rush? lyrics

What's Your Rush?

[[Dance Hall Girl]]
What's your rush?
Too bad you're in such a rush--
Stick around,
Relax and get warm.

What's out there?
A lot of lousy weather.
What's in here?
A chance for you and me to be together...

Believe me, kid, the gold will wait.
I won't.
Getting late,
And listen to that storm...

What's out there?
Snow and slush.
If you're so determined, though,
Mush, boy, mush.

Ooh, those eyes--
I mean, what's your rush?

My name's Nellie.


I like that. You new to these parts, Willie?

Uh-huh. And you?

I've been here long enough to learn a thing or two.

Like what?

Like when something good comes by, you grab it.
Because up here, good things have a habit of not coming

When you're through,
There's lots of things I'd like to do--
Bad things.
Maybe you
Could help me to reform.

I could get
Such a crush...
What's the matter, baby?
Is that a blush?
Trust me, hon...
Just for fun...
Come on, what's your rush?

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