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Gold! (Part 2) lyrics

Gold! (Part 2)

[[Poker Players]]

[[Poker Player #1]]
Got us a beginner, boys--

[[Poker Players]]

[[Poker Player #1]]
--fresh off the ground.

[[Poker Players]]
Gold! Gold!

[[Poker Player #1]]
This one is a winner, boys--

[[Poker Player #3]]
Pluck it from a mountain
Or pluck it form a hick--

[[Poker Player #2]]
When you see a chance, you pluck it
Off of someone who has struck it--

[[Poker Player #3]]
You don't have to have a bucket
Or a shovel or a pick--

[[Poker Player #4]]
All you really need is luck or
An accommodating sucker
Who imagines that he's slick--

[[All four]]
--and who doesn't know he's thick--

[[Poker Player #1]]
And it sounds like you've had some luck out there,
friend. I don't suppose you'd care to try your luck
in here?

You mean cards? No, no thanks. My brother's
waiting for me.

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