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Talent lyrics


When I was a tyke,
I said, "What I like
Is art.
I know I'm a boy,
But what I enjoy
Is art."

Looking at paintings, going to plays,
Music and books informing my days,
Filling my mind,
Flooding my heart
With art!

I had this dream of becoming an artist--
A painter, a poet, who knows?
I had a nice little talent for drawing
And a natural feeling for prose.
I even began to compose.

So many talents,
Wasn't I blest!
All of them good,
A few of them better,
None of them best,
Just enough talent to know
That I hadn't the talent.
So I put my dream
And my self-esteem
To rest.

That must have been difficult.

Yes. But it didn't matter. I merely had to find
out what I was meant to be.

I couldn't decide,
Then one day I spied
Palm Beach.
A speck on the map,
No more than a gap:
Palm Beach!

Jungle and seashore, muddy and raw,
But in a flash I suddenly saw
What it would take,
What I could make
Palm Beach!

I had this dream of a city of artists,
Versailles by the Florida sea.
A sort of world congregation of artists,
All encouraged to set themselves free.
I knew what I wanted to be!

I'd be their host and supporter,
The patron saint
Of the things that they write
And compose and paint.

I would wander among them with
lavish praise
As they carve their statues,
Construct their plays,
Design their buildings,
Recite their rhymes,
Making modern art
Fit for modern times--!

So many talents,
Gathered en masse!
Painters and poets,
Artists and dreamers,
Watered like grass.

And if the talent I have
Is for nurturing talent,
Then succeed or fail,
I will see they sail

And my father can go stick it up his ass.

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