Bounce review

Bounce review

Bounce Review - Broadway musical

The musical was originally conceived not in the way as the world saw it during 2008 – 2011. Firstly, a female character which would depict love by women to brothers (or at least, to one of them), were absent. In the second version, it appeared and was widely spread over the storyline. A woman was in both musical acts. In the third version, her character was limited only to the rapid event in the life of one of the brothers – he married her. Also, over time, heterosexuality of one of the brothers was replaced by homosexuality. More colors to the plot were added with it, according to many critics. This line of his affection tightly connected with and personified by character named Hollis Bessemer. He also was connected somehow with the deceased father of the brothers, and then became a passion of one of them.

Musical started for several times and was twice re-written to try and catch that same feeling that was inherent to it only for the third time, which was launched in 2008. What is remarkable – the original musical was shown as vaudeville, in a rather humorous style. And it did not have the focus on the voice data of actors, as is was, for example, in 2011 in Chicago. In the course of the development of the script, the use of the genre of vaudeville was departed into oblivion, when director Stephen Sondheim realized that this would be difficult to benefit from it – format of the play was quite specific.

What are the obvious disadvantages of the show: the inability to focus on the performance of the songs – they are constantly interrupted so the heroes were able to insert a couple of text lines to continue the song. Again, to be interrupted by the same reason some while after. Very annoying technique that spoils the impression. It is not one or two heroes take such a sin but all – so it was a deliberate choice of Stephen Sondheim. Next – disunity of the storyline. Our heroes are moved quite extensively in space to meet periodically with the old heroes, uniting and separating. Their geography covers almost the entire globe. And along with this, they perform different tasks in every new location – it is difficult to trace the core, which we are trying to reveal. They are either managing the development of construction of the city in the sunny south, or looking for the gold mines in Alaska, and then engaged in what might be described as hedonism, somewhere in the resort among rich people.

Musical pros are undeniably powerful vocals of both main characters, played by Richard Kind (who plays Addison) and Howard McGillin (Wilson). They are perfectly portrayed the feelings of own characters and their relationships, when alternately one, then the second take off and fall, meet, help each other and soar to new heights. It is the inevitable circle of life, which was quite well reflected in this play.
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