A Little House for Mama (Bonus) lyrics - Bounce

A Little House for Mama (Bonus) lyrics

A Little House for Mama (Bonus)

A pink and yellow skylight
To let the sun come streaming in,
A Chinese courtyard filled with trees
and flowers.
A little house for Mama.

A terra cotta kitchen,
A paneled den for dreaming in,
An open porch to while away the hours.
A little house for Mama.

A nice big house for Mama.

"M" is for the mullioned windows,
"O" is for the oriels,
"T" is for the terrace made of tile,
"H" is for the--uh--
"H" is for the hearthstone.
Put them all together they spell "moth."

A fireplace in every room
To keep her warm and cheerful
If she gets a chill,
A bedroom facing south
So she can look at the ocean
When she awakens.
A place to rest for Mama.

A cozy nook, to read a book,
With wallpaper from France.
Mama likes to dance.
So, a mirrored ballroom not too large,
A sitting room I'll make my most exquisite

A shady trellis breezeway
When summer heat comes steaming in,
To keep her cool to shield her from
the showers.
A little gift from Addie
To Mama.

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