Bounce synopsis

Bounce synopsis

Bounce Synopsis - Broadway musical

This is a story of the vicissitudes of life of the two brothers, which are quite self-driven to get inspired for new enterprises and to implement them during the life.

First, we get acquainted with them – one named Addison and the second is Wilson. Just as the ball, which became the best friend of the main character in the film "Outcast" with Tom Hanks – Wilson. Their dad is dying and there is only mother remains. Papa was once a rich man, but all his fortune spent on him, to be treated because of the disease, with which he has not succeeded eventually.

First brothers go to the gold mines in Alaska to get themselves at least some finances for the continuation of existence and implementation of their projects. One of them finds out the ability to gambling and winning local saloon in a poker game in this very same saloon. His second brother, Wilson, dissatisfied with such enrichment, takes 50% of the winnings, and went to travel around the world, searching for his vocation. After some time, Wilson spent all the money he had and finds his brother. He had thrown hopeless Alaska by this time because gained nothing from it and found a new occupation in the South, to become an architect.

Because rich people need new homes, Addison goes to warmer climate to sell his architectural ideas and meets a rich widow there, who loved his design and gives the order to build a nice house. At the same time, she promised the sponsorship to his projects. After the two brothers are reunited again, they have born the idea of the construction of a whole city, a very exclusive and expensive. In fact, they created a bubble from the project that burst, as they haven’t built anything. Toward the end of the play, we learn that brother’s mother dies, and soon Addison also deceased.
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