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Addison's Trip lyrics

Addison's Trip

I'm on my way,
Completely on my own!
I'm on my way,
And that's all I'm certain of.
I'm on my way
To a world I've never known,
Away from those I love...

Perhaps I'll stay--
I can either stay or roam.
I'll work, I'll play,
Never let a chance go past.
I'm on my way
From the worlds of hearth and home,
Away from those I love--
At last!

A full partnership for just two thousand dollars.
You just bought yourself the biggest bargain
in Hawaii, Mr. Mizner!
Now if you'll excuse me, I just want to transfer
this cash to someplace where I know it'll be safe.

I've begun--
Papa, making money's easy.
I'm your son.
Mama, once again we're going to be rich!
And it's fun,
Though I feel a little queasy.
But it's done,
And I think I've found my niche.

Just a little setback, Mama.
Little setbacks are allowed.
By the time I get back,
You'll be proud.

I'm on my way,
Discouraged not at all.
I've gone astray,
As who doesn't now and then?
Another day
And another port of call-
I'm on my way again!

I have to say,
I'm at sea, but far from wrecked.
I'll have to pay
To discover who I am.
But on my way,
I've acquired some self-respect,
Plus a battered desk and a bamboo chair,
A native fan made of human hair,
A wicker whatnot from god-knows-where--
Who cares? I'm on my way--
Hot damn!

My fireworks business hasn't shown a profit
in over three years, Mr. Mizner. However, with your
generous investment, I'm confident the personal problems
I've had with this enterprise will very soon be at an end. Now
if you'll excuse me for a moment...

Don't lose heart--
I've still got resources, Mama,
And i'm learning as I go.
One more start--
Failure merely forces you to grow.
I'm in my way
It's a bit disheartening.
I'm in my way,
Still I'm doing as I please,
Seeking opportunities.
I've got lots of memories.
Plus a ming tureen
And a lacquered screen,
A statue painted a bilious green,
An old stone jug
And a long silk rug
And a chandalier that's a bitch to lug,
A desk, a whatnot, a fan, a chair
And a sense that worse is to come, but where--?

In Guatemala,
Where everyone feels hot and free...
Enjoy your stay in Guatemala,
The land of sensuality!

[[Plantation Owner]]
No investment is entirely without risk, Mr. Mizner.
However, here in Guatemala, the coffee business
is a cartel, controlled by a small group of wealthy
families who also control the government. So frankly,
unless we have a revolution--


This is ridiculous...Where am I going...?
What am I doing?
I give up!
Two years, halfway around the world,
and what have I gotten out of it?
Embarrassment! Humiliation! Malaria!

And a gilded mirror, an iron trunk,
A dresser carved by a Spanish monk
And a ton of other assorted junk--!

That could go there...
No, it still seems out of place...

And the whole proportion's wrong...

What they need to have is space...
They need to have a house...
Somewhere where they'd all belong...
Give the tapestry an entire wall,
The gilded mirror a seperate hall,
Make an atrium for the chandelier,
Give the rug a room with some atmosphere,
And a marble niche for the Ming tureen
And a mezzanine for the lacquered screen,
And an archway here and a skylight there
Until everything has a place somewhere,
A place where it can play!

I'm on my way...

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