Isn't He Something! lyrics - Bounce

Isn't He Something! lyrics

Isn't He Something!

Seldom comes to see me,
Hardly ever calls.
When he sends me letters,
They're just two-line scrawls.
Isn't he something!

Things he says out loud I wouldn't dare,
Or I'd have to hide.
Skates along through life without a care
Or a shred of pride.
But look at him glide!
Isn't he something?
See how he glides!

He's having the time of his life,
Life filled to the brim.
And I've had the time of my life,
Living through him.

Some men have tender souls
And worthy goals
They keep fulfilling.
Some men ignore the rules,
Are rogues and fools,
And thrilling.

If he had the slightest sense of shame,
It would be a shame.
And isn't he shameless?
Doesn't he glide?
Isn't he something!

I've been a very luck y woman, Addie. To have one
son who's thrilled me and excited me. And to have another
one who's sustained me, and taken care of me, who I've
known would never leave me.

Carelessness and being free of care,
Aren't they the same?
Some men live to be good,
Some men live to be bad,
Some men live just to sparkle.
And doesn't he sparkle?
See how he glides!
Isn't he something!

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