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Bounce (Part 2) lyrics

Bounce (Part 2)

Up then down, what else is new?
That was Papa's song.
Mama, what he said was true--
I just heard it wrong.
Willie's been the wise on all along.

I'm fine, it's okay,
The past is the past,
I know how to bounce.
As Papa would say,
You have to learn fast--
Well, Mama, watch me bounce.

The ones you love die
Or move on.
No goodbye.
Just bang! They're gone.
Whatever's been said,
Dead is dead.
Isn't that what counts?

From years on the side
As second in line,
I bounce pretty well.
All right, I can't glide.
But, Mama, I'm fine,
And you can go to Hell!

Whenever there's change
In the text,
You're bound to feel strange
And perplexed.
On to what's new,
On to what's next--


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