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Opportunity lyrics


One day lose, the next day win,
Splash and then it's splat!
Giving in's the only sin
And boys, this land is fat!
We can all be rich again--
Like that!

[[Wilson and Addison]]
Like what, Papa?

Hear that knocking?
Hear that sound?
What's that knocking
All around?
That's your heritage:
See what's new!
Something more!
Me, I'm through.
Up to you--
Go explore!
Only one thing never dies:
Something better always lies
Around the corner--

Once you spot an opportunity,
Don't just make a note.
Take it by the throat,
Pounce, or miss the boat.
There's a land of opportunities--
Grab your hat and coat!

You just keep heading west,
Crossing mountains and plains,
Planting roots, building towns as you go.

Pressing on as you're pressed,
Through the winds and the rains,
Taking risks, tempting fate,
Till you open every gate,
That's what's made this country great--!
Westward ho, boys!

But, Papa, we're in California--

Speak up, dear.
We've been poor...
But we're in Michigan...
We'll be rich again...
Never say die...
New ideas
Are always just around the corner--!
Find the new frontiers...
Be the pioneers...
Learn to bounce...
That's what counts...

We'll be rich again!...
Never say die--!

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