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Get Out Of My Life lyrics

Get Out Of My Life

Addie, I just want you to know that I appreciate--

Get out of my life!
Get the hell out of my life!
Whatever this race we're in,
Okay, you win,
It's done.
And now that you've won,
Get out of my life!

It used to be fun
To watch you scheme,
And even be a part of it--
At the start of it.
It got to be fun to stand and beam
At the suckers--
But I learned that from you.

I thought that we'd go from scheme to
But then
I thought we were a team.
No more,
I've looked at the score:
You own me a life,
A life of my own.
I wanted to glide like you--
Before I do,
Leave me alone.
Get out of my life,
So I can live it...
Go away.

And what if I did? I'd still be here.

You don't want me to go.
Come on,
You don't want me to go.
You may think, yes, you do,
Right now--
That's now,
But it just isn't so.

Yes I do, Willie, damn it.

You remember the bad.
Not me,
I remember the good.

You remember the times we failed,
But what about the times we sailed?

And this isn't the end of the trip.
No, it's just the reverse.
Face it, brother, we're joined at the hip.
And that is our curse,
And that is the miracle.

You don't want me to go.

Please, Willie, please.

Admit you don't want me to go.
Though I'm not worth a lot,
I'm what you've got,
What you'll never outgrow.

Don't you know what I know,
That I've known all along
What you never could say,
What you don't want to show?
That's the only thing wrong.

All right, Willie, enough--

Come on, Addie, you love me!
Come on, say it out loud.
Come on, say it, you love me, you love me,
You always loved me--

All right, yes!
I love you, I love you,
And worse, I deserve you...

You son of a bitch! You ruined me!

You ruined yourself!

I'll kill you!

We're dead, you dope!

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