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The Wedding Is Off lyrics

The Wedding Is Off

Bless this day
Pinnacle of life
Husband joined to wife
The heart leaps up to behold
This golden day

The chapel is gleaming
The guests are inside
The parents are beaming
And look at the bride:
Beautiful gown, even at retail—
Lamp the veil, folks, notice the coif
And another fabulous detail:
The wedding is off!

Bless this bride, totally insane

The choir is singing
The preacher's been paid
The bells go on ringing—
I hope it's a raid
Staggering gifts, dazzling flowers
Picturewise, the show is a boff—
Thanks a heap, now back to the showers
The wedding is off!

I know it's been rough, gang
To come all this way
Can't thank you enough, gang—
I wish I could stay
Look, if you enjoy public disaster
If you like to snicker and scoff
You can be sick forty times faster:
Go to a funeral, a funeral's groovy
Sit through an Antonioni movie
Dip into National Geographic
Watch a pedestrian killed in traffic
But, sorry, folks—
This wedding is off!

Bless this day
Tragedy of life
Husband yoked to wife
The heart sinks down
And feels dead
This dreadful day
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