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Multitudes of Amys lyrics

Multitudes of Amys

Multitudes of Amys
Crowd the streets below
Avenues of Amys
Officefuls of Amys
Everywhere I go
Wonder what it means
Ho-ho,?I?wonder what it?means
I see them waiting for the?lights
Running for the bus
Milling in the stores
And hailing cabs
And disappearing?through?revolving?doors

Multitudes of Amys
Everywhere?I look
Sentences of?Amys
Paragraphs of Amys
Filling every book
Wonder if it means I've gone to pieces
Every other word I speak is something she says

Well, we changed the plot, so "Multitudes of Amys" doesn't work. Or it didn't work. So we needed another ending. And I decided that what I would do is write a song which was Bobby's assessment of the marriages he's seen, which he was disillusioned with. And he sang a song called "Happily Every After."
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