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Talent/When I Get Famous lyrics

Talent/When I Get Famous

[Part 1: Talent]

When I was a tyke
I said, "What I like
Is art
I know I'm a boy
But what I enjoy
Is art"

Looking at paintings, going to plays
Music and books informing my days
Filling my mind
Flooding my heart
With art!

I had this dream of becoming an artist—
A painter, a poet, who knows?
I had a nice little talent for drawing
And a natural feeling for prose
I even began to compose

[Part 2: When I Get Famous]

Ever since I can remember
I've had a secret dream in my heart
Looking forward
To the day I could start
My climb up the path
The path to the stars
The stars of acclaim, applause, and fame

When I get famous, I'll be free
On my own, you wait and see
Lost or dependent I'll never b?
I'll get there alon?, somehow
When I get famous
Everybody will bow
Let them laugh at me now
For they can't shake my dream

Once the chance comes I'll take my cue
One good break, I'm telling you
That's all I need to make my dream true
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