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Smile, Girls lyrics

Smile, Girls

What you must keep in mind as the act curtains part
Is a primary law of theatrical art

Smile, girls
And you'll lay them in the aisle, girls
If you smile, girls
They'll die on the spot

Smile, girls
Drive 'em crazy with your youth, girls
Flash a tooth, girls
Give 'em everything you got—
Which ain't an awful lot

Smile, girls
Or we're never gonna work, girls
Just a smirk, girls
Might well save the day
Get style, girls
And the customers will stay

So smile, Agnes
Smile, Dolores
Smile, Thelma
Smile, Whateveryournameis
Smile, Edna
Smile, Marjorie May

Smile, girls
Look deliriously clever
And whatever
No matter what

When the scenery smacks you

[GIRL 1]

When a stagehand attacks you

[GIRL 2]

When they boo in the gallery

[GIRL 3]

When I don't pay your salary

When the comedy's dying, smile
When you all feel like crying, smile
When tomatoes are flying—duck


Smile, girls
And when the act begins to sag
Drag out the flag—
And smile!
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