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Invocation/Forget War lyrics

Invocation/Forget War

Gods of the theater, smile on us
You who sit up there stern in judgment, smile?on?us
You who look?down on actors
And who doesn't?
Bless our?little company and smile on us
Think not about deep concerns
Think?not?about?dark dilemmas

We offer?you song and?dance
We offer you rites and revels
We offer you jokes and insults
We offer you grace and beauty
Bless our play and smile

Forget war, forget woe
Forget matters weighty and great
Allow matters weighty to wait
For a while
For this moment, this brief time
Frown on reason, smile on rhyme

Forget pomp, forget show
Forget laurels, helmets and crowns
Receive lovers, liars and clowns
For a while
For this moment, this brief span
Celebrate the state of man

That was the first part of a song called "Forget War", which was the original opening of Forum when Jerry Robbins was going to direct it. But Jerry decided not to, and he was replaced with George Abbott, and George Abbott didn't like the song. He couldn't hum it, he said. So out it went.
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