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Hamilton review

Hamilton is a modern example of a successful musical performance. It appeared on stage in the middle of the summer of 2015 and up to now collects positive feedbacks. Thundered glory of this theatrical is not accidental: a good direction, an incredible combination of classic and modern trends, coupled with the performance of the actors is so alive that you don’t even believe that it causes them any difficulty. It does not say that the musical is incredibly expensive in terms of scenic decoration and design, because it takes place on a fairly simple stage, with not the most sophisticated decorations, deprived of enchanting brilliance. Costumes on the actors rather simple also, without frills, but clearly & quite frankly transfer and the idea that was originally put into, and the spirit of the time.

Humanity. Humanness and this, as it may seem at first glance, simplicity, gives a stunning result. We are glad that the plot and music has not slacks or overloads with events, allowing to plunge into the story completely. From the first chords of sounding, attention is riveted to what is happening on the stage, and does not allow to escape for a moment. It is impossible to want to do something else, because the plot on the scene becomes something so alive and independent, that it is wanted to immerse in it completely.

As all the Founding Fathers, black actors were selected, doing an excellent job with their roles in the play. The transitions from one musical style to another aren’t smooth, which anoints a charm throughout the event. Miranda is surprising. Its role in the musical is unique: he alone is a leading actor, composer, author of the play, lyrics, co-producer and co-director. In the history of Broadway, it is one of the rarest cases. May the show be designed for fans of hip-hop, but this does not prevent it to be adored unconditionally even by not the fans of the genre. Originality, brilliant directing, outstanding music, and glitter of decorations. What will happen if you take it all away? A good story of a strong personality remains, one of the great leaders of the country, drawing attention to the important things, like the past.

Hamilton was nominated for 40 different awards, amongst which took 27, including Outstanding Musical, Best New Musical and Outstanding Music. The play was nominated even for Grammy-2016 as Best Musical Theater Album. Tour performances in the United States were planned, estimated beginning – 2017. There is no doubt that it will be successful.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Hamilton Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Alexander Hamilton Lyrics
  3. Aaron Burr, Sir Lyrics
  4. My Shot Lyrics
  5. The Story of Tonight Lyrics
  6. The Schuyler Sisters Lyrics
  7. Farmer Refuted Lyrics
  8. You'll Be Back Lyrics
  9. Right Hand Man Lyrics
  10. A Winter's Ball Lyrics
  11. Helpless Lyrics
  12. Satisfied Lyrics
  13. The Story of Tonight (Reprise) Lyrics
  14. Wait For It Lyrics
  15. Stay Alive Lyrics
  16. Ten Duel Commandments Lyrics
  17. Meet Me Inside Lyrics
  18. That Would Be Enough Lyrics
  19. Guns and Ships Lyrics
  20. History Has Its Eye on You Lyrics
  21. Yorktown Lyrics
  22. What Comes Next? Lyrics
  23. Dear Theodosia Lyrics
  24. Non-Stop Lyrics
  25. Act 2
  26. What'd I Miss Lyrics
  27. Cabinet Battle #1 Lyrics
  28. Take a Break Lyrics
  29. Say No to This Lyrics
  30. The Room Where It Happens Lyrics
  31. Schuyler Defeated Lyrics
  32. Cabinet Battle #2 Lyrics
  33. Washington on Your Side Lyrics
  34. One Last Time Lyrics
  35. I Know Him Lyrics
  36. The Adams Administration Lyrics
  37. We Know Lyrics
  38. Hurricane Lyrics
  39. The Reynolds Pamphlet Lyrics
  40. Burn Lyrics
  41. Blow Us All Away Lyrics
  42. Stay Alive (Reprise) Lyrics
  43. It's Quiet Uptown Lyrics
  44. The Election of 1800 Lyrics
  45. The Obedient Servant Lyrics
  46. Best of Wives and Best of Women Lyrics
  47. The World Was Wide Enough Lyrics
  48. Finale (Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story) Lyrics

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