Wealth lyrics - Apple Tree, The

Wealth lyrics


But, was Passionella truly content?
Let's hear the answer in her own words.

How delicious to be so rounded.
By the comforts and luxuries.
That I've never known before.

I'm a figure of world importance.
I'm the center of every crowd.
Who could ask for more?

Fans, fans, fans,fans, fans!
When I see my adoring public.
I remember the girl I was.
All alone and on the shelf.

I was nothing, now I'm something.
I am envied by everyone.
I envy me myself.

Glamour and excitement!
Lucky me a movie star.
I was made for caviar.
And that's what I've got.

My life is exactly what I wished for.
So of course I must be truly content.

But I'm Not!!!!
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