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Feelings lyrics


Feelings are tumbling over feelings
Feelings i do not understand
And i am more than slightly worried
That they are getting out of hand

Sometimes they happen in my stomach
Sometimes they happen on my skin
What is the name of this condition
That i am in?

If i'm more objective and observant
If i can keep an even keel
I'll be the first to pin a name to
What i am the very first to feel

I am the first to face this problem.
I am the first to have this dream.
How can i harvest his attention?
How can i harvest his esteem?
Should i something different with my hair?
Is there some tid-bit that will please him?
What should i wear?
What is the source of this congestion
That i must learn to rise above?
Is there a name for this condition?
Yes there's a name......
An it is hell!

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