Eve lyrics - Apple Tree, The

Eve lyrics


She keeps filling up the hut with rubbish
Like flowers
And plants
And not only is it overcrowded
It's loaded
With ants
She is definitely too intrusive
A nuisance
And yet.....
She's an interesting creature--
This eve.

She's developing a strange new habit
Which doesn't
Make sense
She's forever reaching out to touch me
Which makes me
Feel tense
She is definitely quite eccentric
A numbskull
And yet.....
She's an interesting creature--
This eve.

Colors drive her absolutely crazy
The gold of the sun
The purple of the hills
Crimson colored clouds in the skies
When i say this is sentimental hogwash
She simply sighs.

When i'd rather be alone and resting
Then she comes
And invariably starts describing
Some wonder
She's found
She invariably get my back up
Yet invariably i perceive
She's an interesting creature--
This eve.

Once i saw her standing on a hilltop
Her head tilted back
The sunlight on her face
Gazing at the flight of a bird
And suddenly i saw that she was--
Beautiful, yes that's the word.

There are animals around this garden
More soothing than she
But there's nothing in the whole of eden
More pleasant
To see
If she'd only learn to keep her mouth shut
One minute at a time
Why, i believe
I could possibly enjoy
Just watching
This curiously interesting creature--
Called eve.

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