Here In Eden lyrics - Apple Tree, The

Here In Eden lyrics

Here In Eden

So many creatures
So many things
Each wonderous object is beautiful and striking
And i see nothing that isn't to my liking
Here in eden.

There's plums and peaches
And pears and grapes
So ripe and juicy and utterly inviting.
I find the apples especially exciting
Here in eden.

As for me
I can see
I was meant to rejoice
In the round
Vibrant sound
Of my own voice.

It's all so perfect
And so ideal
And yet i do have one tiny reservation
There's nothing handy for making conversation
Here in eden.

How'd i come?
Where'm i from?
What's my ultimate aim?
I don't even know
Even so
I'm glad i came.

It's all so lovely
I may just weep
I love this garden and ev'rything that's in it
And something tells me to treasure ev'ry minute
Blossom and bud
Mountain and mud
I know i'll be happy
Perfectly happy
Here in eden.

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