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Then Came Jonny lyrics

Then Came Jonny

Wake up ev'ry morning.
Nothing is the same.
What a time to be a teen...
Life's a non-stop halloween...
Since jonny made the scene!
And suddenly the school is in a buzz.
And there ain't no goin' back to what was.
It's another day,
But not just another day...!

(the boys put up and distribute posters and signs. The girls scramble to take them down.)

(typing in his office)
My top story today --atomic adolescent angst at our own enrico fermi high school.
Steady readers will remember the tragic story of young jonny warner, nuclear suicide victim.
Well, hang on your hats, gang. This reporter has it on good authority that mr.
Warner has risen from the dead and has attempted to gain admittance to his school once more.
Keep reading for all the latest news from enrico fermi high....

Tv dinners,
And davy crockett.
Then came jonny
And like a rocket...!

Miss strict:
(entering with a handful of leaflets)
Attention, students! In regards to these posters and fliers, let it be known that i will not stand for it.
When i find out who is responsible for this propoganda...and i will find out...heads will roll!

In response to your behavior,
And your failure to obey,
I'm canceling the pep squad....
...effective yesterday!

No more pep squad, children. Try that one on for size. That is all!

Drive-in movies,
And howdy doody.
Then came jonny
And rooty tooty...!

Miss strict:
(entering again)
People! In the wake of this recent zombie nonsense,
There have been many transgressions pertaining to the school dress code.
Shirt tails coming untucked! Cleats worn in the hallways. much as it pains me to say it...
(ripping off josh's necktie)

For these flagrant violations
Of the dress code, i reward
The dismant'ling of the baseball team....
...until order is restored!

Uniforms and equipment may be turned in directly to me after
School. Girls -- that includes your pom-poms. That is all!

Jonny and toffee:
(entering on opposite sides of the stage)
How, how did this come to pass?
How, how could we know?
I'd gladly trade
This mess we've made
For the chance to go back once more
To the life we were living before!

Caution lost
And bridges burned,
From the day that jonny returned!

Day seven of the jonny warner crisis at enrico fermi high found
A small band of student protesters lobbying for the return of the undead teen.
Principal strict assures us that she has the matter well in hand. But this reporter has his doubts...

Now things are not the way
I always thought that they would be.
The world is in 3-d,
Thanks to jonny!

Life is like a movie
That's jumped right off the screen.
Things went from black and white to
Atomic green!
Thanks to jonny!

Miss strict:
Students!! I hold in my hand a petition that has been circulated throughout this school,
Requesting the reinstatement of jonny warner as a student....

Then came jonny!

Miss strict:

Perhaps there has been a little confusion here...but the issue is already decided!
This is not a democracy! This is a high school!!

Now all the thing i used to love
Are looking pretty tame.
Nothing is the same,
Thanks to jonny!
"i love lucy" leaves me cold.
Dick clark is looking old.

Miss strict:
Ev'ry senior's on probation
For this lack of common sense.
And i'm on the brink of canc'ling
All after school events.
At the next sign of rebellion,
I shall drop the final bomb.
I've received the board's permission
To suspend the senior prom!!

The prom is still scheduled for tomorrow night.
But at the first sign of jonny warner,
At the first indication of support for his cause...i will cancel it! That is all!

Eddie's voice:
Tomorrow night on motorwise gasoline's hard to believe,
We have the amazing but true story of jonny warner.
Join me...expose' magazine's eddie i explore this ground breaking event.
Will jonny be allowed back in school? Will he win back the girl of his dreams?
Will there be a prom? Join me tomorrow night for the answers to these and many other questions on...

Then came jonny...

Eddie's voice:
Hard to believe!

Then came jonny...
Then came jonny...!

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