Come Join Us lyrics - Zombie Prom

Come Join Us lyrics

Come Join Us

(Jonny and eddie sit on the set of "hard to believe!" waiting for their turn on camera.)

This is the national broadcasting network....

Stage manager:
Camera two...go!

Ramona & the motorwise guys:
Come join us for the show, folks.
Come join us for a tale of calamity.
Come join us for the scoop.
It's no surprise
The world relies
Upon the guys
From motorwise!
Ramona & the motorwise guys:
Come along and join us!

Te' qiero, america!

Ramona & the motorwise guys:
Come join us for the glow, folks,
Resulting from a nuclear tragedy.
Come join us in the goop.
This high school goo
Is brought to you
By all those who
Motorwise guys:
Green and blue!
Ramona & the motorwise guys:
Come along and join us --

Stage manager:
Camera three...go!

Jonny warner, age eighteen,
Tell us of this age old scene.
Boy meets girl.
Boy gets dumped.
Boy then takes a headlong dive.

Leaving all the critics stumped,
Boy comes back from death alive!
Girl's upset.
Boy's perplexed.
No one knows what happens next.
Seems his happy ending

Stage manager:
Ramona! Camera three...go!

Ramona and the motorwise guys:
Now jonny's feeling low, folks.
Returned, he's found his life's a catastrophe.
He's landed in the soup.
His love is true
For you-know-who,
As ours is too
For serving...
Ramona & the motorwise guys:
Come along and join us --

Stage manager:
Camera two...go!

So you say your girl's in a stew, jonny boy,
Put off by your toxic veneer.
So you say it's probably through, jonny boy.
But where do you go from here?
Where do you go from here?

Well, i...

Onstage announcer:
We'll be back for that answer after this brief commercial
Message! And here's ramona merengue with a word from true blue
Cigarettes -- now with breath-freshening menthol!!

True blue --
Only one nickel a box....
True blue --
Filtered for your health.

Hey you! Sweetheart! You know this place?

Stage manager:
"our lady of divine masochism?"

It's a catholic orphanage. I need the phone number.

Stage manager:
What do i look like? Your errand boy? Do it yourself.

There's nothing like a true blue smoke!

I love a true blue...

(back on the air)
So the question, mr. Warner,
Now that push has come to shove --
Should you go on chasing dreams,
Or should you say good-bye to love?

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