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It's Alive lyrics

It's Alive

Now i'm back and boy i'm ready.
Ev'rything is crystal clear.
Gonna get me my diploma
And complete my senior year!

Gonna come back to my senses,
Smell the roses, mend the fences.
Make the world think better of me.
All i need is someone to love me.
Toffee, take me back!
Toffee, take me back!

Miss strict:
(entering and spying jonny)
Good heavens!
Jonny warner --
Back from the dead!
It's alive!!


Miss strict:
Lord, would you look at this creature feature.
What a disgusting display.
Check out this nightmare that rose with the moon,
Straight from the depths of the black lagoon.
Cover your popcorn and duck!
Frankenstein's running amok!

It's alive!
It's alive!

Who'd have ever guessed
I had a soul to revive?
My body falls to pieces,
But my spirit starts to thrive.
For the first time in my life --

It's alive!

Miss strict:
Now, listen to me, jonny warner,
Lord knows why you've come.
But whatever it is, you'd better leave.
I've no patience for zombie scum.

Tell you miss strict, i used to hate you.
I could not be reached.
But now that i'm back, i see the wisdom
In all you taught and preached.

Now i'm back
And i'm right on track,
Got my head on straight.
Went astray
Then i saw the way.
I'm set to graduate-ate-ate!
Went astray,
Then i saw the way.
I pray i'm not too late!

(jonny leads the kids in a wild dance. Miss strict blows her whistle and stops it cold.)

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