Zombie Prom synopsis

Zombie Prom synopsis

Zombie Prom Synopsis - Broadway musical

Among ordinary students of Enrico Fermi High School emerged rebel Jonny, who began to assert his right to write own name not like was recognized by the canons. Principal Delilah Strict disapproved such freethinking. Due to the proximity of a nuclear power plant to their educational facility, the students were engaged in safety trainings. During one of them, Jonny met Toffee. Falling in love, boy & girl started dating. A few months later, the parents of Toffee found out about her boyfriend & forbade her to meet him. After a girl reluctantly broke up with her beloved, Jonny committed suicide by throwing himself in the waste of nuclear power plant reactor. Soon his body was buried at sea in international waters. After 3 weeks, Toffee friends noticed that she was still feeling bad over the death of her former beloved. According to them, a girl stayed too long in the mourning for Jonny. High school students began to prepare for the prom.

Suddenly Toffee began to hear the voice of a dead sweetheart. Soon Jonny emerged from her school locker. He turned into a zombie, to return to his girlfriend. The story of the resurrected dead man interested reporter Eddie. Thinking everything over, Toffee decided that she wouldn’t date Jonny again. The young man wanted to return to school, but the principal said – rules prohibit zombies to attend the classes. The rest of the students supported the desire of the young man to attend the school. Management had to go to extreme measures of influence – school baseball team was abolished, but it did not help to calm the students down. Mrs. Strict threatened to cancel the prom if unrest would continue. Reporter Flagrante provided zombie the opportunity to speak live on television. Jonny told that he had been revived by the power of love. Hearing these words, Toffee decided to start to date the young man over again.

Eddie Flagrante talked to Mrs. Strict. Being young people, they fell in love too, violating the rules, for the implementation of which principal was struggling so much now. At the time being, none of them was sure about the feelings of another. During the prom, Toffee admitted Jonny she still loved him. They began to dance & to discuss their common future. When Mrs. Strict noticed zombie, she stopped a celebratory party. Reporter Flagrante called the principal to impartiality & revealed the rest of her motives. It turned out that in the past after their prom Delilah Strict spent a stormy night with a reporter. Soon she became pregnant. Eddie did not know the situation of the beloved, as he has already been at the military service. The parents sent their daughter to the house for unwed mothers, where she had a boy. Baby was given up for adoption & Delilah never saw him again. Mr. Flagrante announced that Jonny was their child – he learned it through the orphanage. A reporter asked Mrs. Strict to marry him & she delightedly accepted the offer. She let her son-zombie to go back to school & gave permission to continue the prom. Toffee & Jonny continued their dance.
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